The All-in-One Vapor Cartridge

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Experience matters.

These carts have been produced since 2014 and have been the biggest innovator in the industry. In addition to adapting to rapidly evolving technology, these carts are made with strict quality control and have just simply gotten better and better as newer techniques have been developed.


It’s All Natural.

There are a lot of carts on the market that taste like lemon, strawberry, or even perfume because the terpenes used may not be from the original plant. The best vape cart on the market tastes exactly like the plant it comes from, and you should be able to recognize the difference between cannabis terpenes and fruit terpenes on first puff.

It’s completely free of impurities and healthy for you.

And the lab testing data is open source data. We loved the QR code on the front of the cartridge itself that brings us directly to the official test.

The All-in-One is in the Goldilocks Zone.

Because the battery can be paired with the oil at the factory level, there are no bad hits in the entire cartridge. You don’t have to set your battery to the specific strain, and the battery/cartridge combo will NOT BREAK IN YOUR POCKET. The battery/oil pairing makes these particular cartridges last a long time and give you a smooth hit without being harsh.

It does the job.

We here at BestVapeCart have actually thrown our bongs away and rarely buy rolling papers anymore. We have found the perfect cart and get the exact same benefit from the carts as we do from flower without the mess. Not to mention, having a dozen different strains at your fingertips is all we ever asked for and more. We understand that everyone has a preference, but if you are thinking about switching to vapor cartridges over flower, head to your nearest retailer and look for the QR code.