There are a growing number of people who are moving toward using vape cartridges over flower for a variety of reasons. First of all, they are discreet and you can carry them anywhere without the unwanted odor. Secondly, the technology is maturing. The batteries work better now than they did 8 years ago when the first versions started becoming available, the extraction process has been refined, and the testing data is being certified by government bodies. The best vape cart on the market today tastes exactly like the plant it comes from, is not overly harsh, and does not leave residue in your lungs. Here is what the best vape cart on the market does that insures it’s quality.

Uses ALL ORGANIC ingredients. What goes in must come out.

The best vape cart on the market today starts with fresh, all-organic, sun-grown cannabis and does not use pesticides or growth hormones. Those chemicals can linger all the way through the production process and imbed themselves into your lungs when it becomes the oil you wish to enjoy.

Extracts the oil using butane or dry Ice. The great Full Spectrum vs Live Resin Debate.

Distillate using alcohol is a popular, and inexpensive way to extract the oil, but we just dislike how it only isolates the THC, and loses the 400+ cannabinoids that make the plant medicinal.

Uses a negative pressure room. Cleanliness is EVERYTHING.

The best vape cart on the market uses machine filling and a negative pressure room to insure no foreign particles, like dust, are introduced into the oil at any stage of the manufacture.

Pairs with the correct apparatus. It all about wavelengths.

Since oil of different strains burns at different temperatures, we prefer the ALL-in-ONE cartridge, where the battery is optimized to heat your oil at the factory level. This insures you always get a smooth hit.

Verifies its legitimacy. Yes, there are plenty of fakes out there.

The best vape cart on the market should be verified. Look for the QR code for accurate testing information.

Lasts a long time. Watch the bubble.

Your vape cart should last as long as the amount of flower used to make it. It should be thick enough that you don’t see the bubble move when you rotate the cartridge. It should also taste authentic. If your vape cart doesn’t satisfy all of the above, Click here to find retailer near you.